Watching live cricket would be the ideal approach to inspire junior cricketers. Should they’re not enjoying with themselves, then seeing professionals perform in a high standard before a huge crowd is an adventure that they won’t forget. My trip to an England v West Indies test game 35 decades ago had been an inspiration that has remained with me ever since.

If you may be in the big game, then live coverage in the press is your next best option, though obviously you won’t experience the live game setting.

Televised live cricket coverage is available via satellite, while terrestrial TV is frequently confined to the highlights. But one reimbursement for the not being in the game is that the assortment of high tech evaluation tools utilized by the TV commentators.

You might even keep in contact with the latest cricket score with lots of hi-tech methods, such as your mobile or PDA, RSS feeds and auto-refresh desktop scorecards powered by flash images. Whatever your location, the tech is here to keep you engaged from the action.

There are unique benefits entirely from listening to cricket commentary on the radio. It has grown into its own art form, and can be extremely addictive.

The internet has also attracted us live awards online. This can be in its infancy, and is generally on a pay-per game basis. However, as demand rises and the price drops, online policy will rival satellite a single day.

The most exciting games to see are just one day cricket games, at county/state or even global level. Their format may be 50 overs, 40 overs or 20 overs a side. The newest Twenty20 matches need complete attacking play from either side, and can readily be completed over the course of a summer day. The advantage of the formats is that audiences can observe a whole game within a day.